Keeping on

Yeah, trying to stay with it.

I’m writing, just not publishing overly much. Trying to figger the best way (read: the easiest way for a lazy guy like me) to publish. I’m thinking two things there…

One, I’ve been using EverNote a lot; it works well for general writing as well as notes, it’s very flexible – with the ability to add clips from web sites, pics you take, vids you take, sounds you record, scribbles you draw, and more – and it is accessible from any digital device you have, so I can look at, edit, and add content from my desktop, laptop, tablet and phone.

Two, what little “publishing” I’ve been doing has been on some forums (as noted in a preceding entry here), and it seems pretty clear from what I read on those that social networking tools like TwitFace and related ones are really the way to go in today’s publishing. I still want to do some “dead tree” stuff, but TwitFace and similar look like the right things to do as far as optoelectromagnetic media go.

More later.

Well, I did say “more later”, yeah? So, here’s more. I didn’t quite get finished with what I was writing about, above.

So, those two things – EverNote and TwitFacePlus – lead me to conclude that, for the OEM (OptoElectroMag) Media, I want to find a way (or group of ways) which I can use to write in one or more (I’m leaning toward EverNote) of them and have the material somehow automagically copied to all (or at least, most) of the others.

There are at least two methods that I’ve seen which look promising and should bear more examination: Zapier and IFTT. Both work on the fairly simple principle of Event -> Response. When something happens (e.g., new EverNote published) then some action takes place (e.g., copy note to Facebook, copy note summary to Twitter, copy note to blog). Fairly straightforward stuff, but f course I’ll have to define what the events and responses are, and probably need some help getting the code written and tested.

However, now that I think about it some more, EverNote has some “share” capability, so it may be that its sharing can be a triggering event, too… This might be more fun than I thought it would be.

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